MatadorES Series

I’m preparing to close this series out ahead of a planned MatadorES book coming out in 2024.

In the meantime I’m still looking for new models to add to this body of work.

Project Overview:

“MatadorES,” is a visual narrative style developed by Daniel Jaems to capture the essence, grace, and strength that defines the modern man. It will culminate in a 200 image coffee table book of the very best from the series.

Location: London, UK

Shoot Duration: Half-day

Deadline : Ongoing casting

Eligibility: You must be 18 and above

  • Instagram Application:
    • Tag @DanielJaems in your best photos.
    • Use the hashtag #MatadoresCasting.
    • In the post or story description, mention your interest in the “Matadores” project and any relevant experience.
  • Email Application:
    • Subject: Matadores Casting – Daniel Jaems
    • Attach 3-5 of your best photos. (bright headshots and full body imagery. Please do no use
    • Include a brief introduction: Your name, age, location, and any relevant experience or reasons for wanting to be part of the project.
    • Email to: info @

Compensation: [Details about payment, any complimentary copies of the book, publicity opportunities, etc.]

Other Details:

  • All models selected will need to sign a release form granting permission to use the photographs in the “Matadores” book and any associated promotional materials.
  • Travel and accommodation will not be covered, so applying models should ensure they can easily travel to London for the shoot.

Deadline for Application: Ongoing. However, early applicants will be prioritized.

For any queries, please reach out to []. We’re eager to discover the faces that will grace the pages of “Matadores.” Join us in creating something timeless.

Note: Always ensure that there’s a clear privacy policy and that you’re complying with any relevant regulations when collecting and storing personal information.


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